Core Features

We are proud of the following features

Well Documented API

We provide developers a RESTful API to facilitate easy integration with their systems.

Very Flexible

The system is very flexible and allow merchants to receive payments from upto 6 service providers

Latest Technologies

We have incorporated the use of latest technologies so as to ensure a high throughput in transaction processing


Multiple Accounts

Multifactor Authentication

We provide amazing services

  • Secure Mobile Wallet
  • Invoicing Features
  • Cashback for all Withdrawals
  • Instant payment notifications
  • Multiple Accounts
  • Unlimited Withdrawals
  • Higher Transaction Limits
  • Personal Account Manager
  • Integration Guides
  • Secure Transactions

Our rates

No hidden charges whatsoever

Collection Wallet-to-Wallet Disbursement
Free Free 3%

The Process We Follow

Everything is simple with Clickpay

1. Register

To start using clickpay payments system a merchant is required to register with their credentials. This credentials will be carried throughout the lifetime of the user account. So make sure you use the right credentials

2. Create Multiple Accounts

To begin receiving funds, you will have to create an account for the several mediums you wish to receive money e.g mobile money or card payments

3. Receive Funds

After successfully creating an account, the merchant is ready to receive funds from customers. All that is needed is for the merchant to give the clients the account number they should pay to. This service allows Schools,Saccos,e-commerce sites,Apps etc to receive money from all mobile payment channels through one account

4. Integrate Instant Checkout

Clients will have the capability of integrating instant variations of payments made online. The checkout process will allow the customer to key in the reference from the service provider which is then validated by our system and the checkout process is completed. A system notification is also sent to the client's system.

5. Disbursements and Advance Payment Solutions

ClickPayAfrica provides client with capability to perform large payout to their employee or suppliers from their collection accounts. This makes payments a seamless and secure process with ClickPayAfrica Platform.

The account owners can also process advance payments through the system.

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